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Last Updated
July 24, 2013

Project Team: Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was appointed by the Hays County Commissioners' Court to facilitate landowner and stakeholder participation in the development of the Hays County Conservation Plan. The CAC was formed in accordance with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Code regulating the development of regional HCPs by local governments. The CAC includes a member appointed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, and the greater of four members or 33 percent of members must own land in the plan area.

The CAC will be charged with providing guidance to Hays County and the consultant team to help ensure that the conservation plan reflects the community interests.

CAC meetings are open to the public, and agendas and meeting notes will be posted on this page as they become available.

CAC Members:

Hays County Landowners

  • Ms. Catherine Livingston
  • Mr. Henry Brooks
  • Mr. Chris Carson
  • Mr. William Avera
  • Mr. T.J. Higginbotham - CAC Assistant Chairperson
  • Mr. Scott Johnson

    Real Estate, Land Development, and Other Business Interests

  • Mr. Chuck Lemmond (homebuilder)
  • Mr. Jeff Wilkinson (Pioneer Community Bank)
  • Mr. David Goodrum (Wilson Family Communities)
  • Government and Utilities

  • Ms. Melanie Pavlas Snyder (Lower Colorado River Authority)
  • Dr. Todd Voetler, PhD (Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority)
  • Dr. Glen Longley (Texas State University)
  • Conservation and Environmental Groups and Individuals

  • Ms. Melinda Mallia (Travis County Grants Department) - CAC Chairperson
  • Ms. Melanie Howard (City of San Marcos Parks and Recreation Department)
  • Ms. Dianne Wassenich (San Marcos River Foundation)
  • Mr. David Baker (Wimberley Valley Watershed Association)
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

  • Ms. Kathy Boydston
  • CAC Meeting Agendas, Materials, and Minutes
    CAC Meeting: November 13, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: October 9, 2008 (Agenda) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: September 11, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: June 12, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: March 27, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: February 20, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: January 10, 2008 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: November 8, 2007 (Agenda) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: October 11, 2007 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: September 13, 2007 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)
    CAC Meeting: July 5, 2007 (Agenda) (Materials) (Minutes)